Friday, 5 October 2012

Hum Nazek Nazek Dil Wale

Hum Nazuk Nazuk Dil Wale
Bas Aisey Hee To Hote Hain
Kabhi Hanstey Hain, Kabi Rote Hain
Kabi Dill Mein Khawab Parotey Hain
Kabhi Mehfil Mehfil Phirrtey Hain
Kabi Zaat Mein Tanha Hote Hain
Kabhi Chup Ki Moher Sajjate Hain
Kabhi Geet Labon Pe Late Hain
Kabhi Sab Ka Dil Behlate Hain
Kabhi Khud Hi Tanha Hote Hain
Kabi Shab Bharr Jagte Rehtey Hain
Kabhi Lambi Taan K Sotey Hain
Ham Nazuk Nazuk Dil Waley
Bas Aisey Hee To Hotey Hain

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